Up And Coming Independent Artist OPPO Introducing His Latest Single To The World "Myself"

Oppo giving some insight on why he made "Myself". "The song "Myself" just came from having to go through situations and actually coming out on top and I lost two close friends around the same time, so I was feeling alone for awhile." Oppo creates a descriptive hook putting together a great concept on why it's important to trust and depend on yourself rather than putting your all into others. The Instrumental is produce by Andre, whom created the beat with an up to date melodic sound and tempo. The Beat has a trap like feel with its bounce and melodic background, which innovated the engineering sound for "Myself". Oppo wants you to know a little about himself, "I go by Dertyy Sanchezz bka Oppo. I was born in Missouri and moved to Georgia in 96 and shortly after that began my music career. Recorded my 1st song at age 10. I'm the oldest of 5...Stay tuned more music on the way." To keep up with more updates from OppO follow Instagram @sanchezz_maxx & YouTube , search Maxx Clay, SoundCloud @OppO_MvXx. Contact him if you are a producer, rapper for features, or event host that wants him to perform. #Oppo

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