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Hip-Hop solo independent artist Vizualye, emerged on the music scene in 2014. Creating an array of high energy to smooth mellow musical tracks, the fairly new artist reigns from Northern Virginia. Putting out his first official album titled Legends and Music, made its way into the public ears of thousands. Following his album Legends & Music, Vizualye also released his mix tape in the same year titled No Introduction released on DatPiff. Receiving recognition as an emerging artist, Vizualye has continued to make his presence felt in the indie musician arena. Signing with independent label Tate Music Group (currently transitioning under new management), Vizualye has managed to collaborate with several other independent artist and deliver some of his best work. Tracks such as "People's Choice" and "No Way" helped set the tone for the release of his album Legends and Music. Following his debuted album, there has been follow up single releases to his upcoming new album The Awakening, such as,"Women's Worth" and "Unbelievable", which is his latest release. Its been almost two years since we've heard a new album, but Vizualye's presence has been far from absent. From hearing the first two singles released from his upcoming album, it can only give more hope that The Awakening will be well worth the wait.

What Are Your Goals When It Comes To Your Music Career?

Making sure I put out quality music. I want to offer my experience, my type of sound, and a message to the things within music that I do. Music is just a part of me, where I can create my voice not just in music but within society, that can travel even further. I've always had a passion to write and draw. I love art and the creativity of free expression. I'm more into the music aspect but art lives in me too. I used o draw when I was in high school. Anytime I see that is art I'm inspired because its a part of who I am. Right now I'm not just focused on the music aspect of what I do, but also the behind the scenes and business aspect as well. As I'm building my career in music, I'm creating a platform that I can use in the future for many other things as I grow in learning the business. The thing for me is not to get rich off music, but to use my talent to develop a platform to inspire others and create opportunities. As an indie artist we need the support and when we can come in and support one another, we create better situations for the future and the community of independent artist.

What Inspires You To Create The Genre Of Music That You Make?

What inspires me is other artist who have made a real difference in the hip hop culture. Artist who gave themselves with a good cause for the music and sort of reached back into the communities. I love old school era of hip hop like Rakim Nas, Mobb Deep, Twalib Kwali, Pharaoh Monche, Black Thought, Mos Def, artist like that and others. In today's era, the music is a lot different and you don't hear a lot of artist standing out as much as before, as far as sound and messages but their still out there. What I do when I create music is I think about what I'm trying to say and if its something I think needs to be said or how will it affect my audience. Once I establish that, then I go into my thought pattern and how I want to say it. As far as originality I just only focus on my content and what catches my ear. I don't like to sound like others and also I also don't put anything out that I can't really listen to. I feel like what inspires me the most is being able to express myself musically. Having a voice as small as it may seem, makes me feel like its a blessing to be able to do music and I try to connect a genuine vibe to my audience.

Tell Us About Your Favorite Song Or Project That You made?

My favorite song to this day is my most recent release "Unbelievable feat Warren Young". This song started from nowhere and turned into my best project both personally and the response from my audience. I think Warren really brought this track to life because I swear its so addictive. I had introduced the idea to a good friend and sent him my rough draft about a year ago. If you hear any of the rough copies you'll agree that this song completed made a 360 turn around. When I didn't hear back from my friend I went ahead and worked on a second verse. During most of the time after recording it, the song sat on the shelf for a while until I started working out my album projected finish dates and pushed everything forward. After that time, I went online to see if I could connect with a singer that might be willing to work on the hook for me and that's where I met Warren Young. He told me liked the track and was down. It took off from there and we ended up with the record that's out now. The sound of the chorus got some strong opinions but over all people really enjoy the song. Of course everything can use improvements if things are revised over and over again but where it landed the first time out I feel is a very good place to be and I'm very proud of how the record is doing. I don't really have a lot of exposure on it so there is so many more places this record can go.

Who Were Some The Great Musical Talents That Inspired You To Make Music?

My biggest inspiration in music is Twalib Kwali, Nas, Mobb Deep, and J. Cole. I have others but off the top of my head they would instantly come up. Nas was during the mid 90's and he's still doing his thing. He's a living legend in my opinion. I lime the things he stands for in music and he's very versatile. He can rock small venues for the hood as well as sold out arenas but its the integrity he has and puts in his music that makes him more inspirational. Mobb Deep is a little bit different but they had their share of longevity in the industry. At the time they were doing things other groups weren't doing and that's what Ill admire and respect about them and the fact that they put out dope music. The thing is for me, with all these artist I can go back and listen to their music and still get that raw vibe when I hear it and that is what its all about when creating lasting music. I don't think you'll get too much of that from music of today, maybe a hand few.

Are You Working On Any New Projects Or Singles?

I have a new single coming out real soon with another dope artis Jay Schick, is his Facebook page, and we got something really speacial coming up. I love working with other indie artist because you get a blend of two toatally different artist coming together and creating something peole will enjoy. I have been lining my projects up accordingly because the album is not finished yet but so many good things are coming together and shaping it. I want to say this new song I'm working on wit Jay Schick has a different but vibing sound to it and its a powerful record. Most of my songs you might not hear the radio aspect of it but they end up being accepted in a sense as good enough to be on the radio. What i focus on with new projects is to show a different side of the music you might not have seen before. I just concentrate on giving you guys good music.

How Long Have You Been Creating Music & What Keeps You Inspired To Keep Going?

Well I been writing since I was young, but I didn't start pursuing music until 6-7 years ago. its all been a learning process and there's so much more out there. I feel I'll always be involved with music in some form or way. I am working to own my own label / film production company as my end goal, so I have to stay busy learning and being active and sitting goals no matter how small they may seem right now. I know when its all said and done I'll be a lot closer to my vision than I was when I started and that's what keeps me going. I know that anything I do to be me closer makes a difference and I don't want to say because I don't see everything now that its not going to happen. I'm also inspired by other indie artist I know and see out there doing there thing. Real Mikey Flight, my brother, who's doing some amazing things right now is just always great to see him out there net working building and bring other people up! He does great interviews by the way. But on a serious not I can see other independent artist or talented folks making some great things happen. I look at that as opportunity. I feel like just placing the right energy and attitude in different situations helps you to stay positive and keep going.

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