Imperial Interview w/ Cruzer U.

Imperial Interview

Artist Bio *

My name is Cruzer. I'm a Music Producer out of BlackTriads. I'm from Georgia but I'm currently out in the northwest. In my short time producing I've done a lot so far & I'm still learning more about being a producer. If anyone would like to see my journey here are my Platforms. SoundCloud is Cruzer Urameshi. Twitter & IG IS @Cruzer3X Facebook is Cruzer Urameshi

What Are Your Goals When It Comes To Your Producing Career?

I would like to have 5 songs produced by me #1- #5 on top #100 Billboards at the same time. I would like to win a Grammy award. I also would like to be a spokesman for all producers that come after me.

What Inspires You To Create The Genre Of Music That You Make?

Sometimes I'd either play the game, or go outside & just clear my head. Then when I get on the beats I just throw everything from that day all into the beats.

Tell Us About Your Favorite Instrumental Or Project That You've Created.

Its a 3 way tie between, Rob Vicious - Hot, Oppo - No Secret, & RayOTS - Another N***a. The 3 Singles are So Different from each other yet are all incredible songs that have had great success.

Who Were Some The Great Musical Talents That Inspired You To Make Music?

Lex Luger, Southside, Pharell, Mannie Fresh, Dr. Dre

Are You Working On Any New Projects Or Instrumentals?

I just had the No Secret single on Oppo's Geek Street 2. A few Singles off Of RayOTS OTSFILES 2.0, Gang in Ya City by Arkansaw, & I have an EP coming out with Arkinsaw that I'am really anxious about.

How Long Have You Been Creating Music & What Keeps You Inspired To Keep Going?

I've been creating music for 5 years now & I love it. Making a beat that's different from what's popular is something I take extreme joy in doing & when a beat comes out it makes the track a lot more enjoyable. I what keeps me going is that's always new heights that I'm setting for myself & I'm willing to outwork any producer out there now. I love to collaborate with producers too but If a producer was telling me that had made 3 beats I'm going home & make 9 on top of collaborating on the spot with that producer.

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