Imperial Interview W/ Jeffrey Bisner

Imperial Interview W/ Jeffrey Bisner

Artist Bio *

Hey I’m Jeffrey Bisner and music is one of the most important parts of my life. Ever since I was young I was always listening to music and while I did I would tap or sing and hum anything to involve myself in that music.. In my old house my uncle lived downstairs from us with my grandmother still.. he was a musician and played the bass guitar in a band and so I would always go down and hear them practice in the basement and just stay connected. Everyone kind of describes me as an old soul. I’m straight old school with my style and with my taste for music for my age (being 16). I was always around that older kind of music.. 90’s alternative and classic rock.. even some hair metal. Now at my age this music just runs through me and nothing makes me more passionate. The music is a part of me and just the connection that the music brings to me, I wanna give that to other people. Music changes everything and it is so influential, especially for me in my life.

What Are Your Goals When It Comes To Your Music Career?

My goals are really just to connect with an audience and share that connection with as many people as possible. If I know that my music makes someone feel better about a situation or make them feel like someone knows what they are going through, even if they think my music is relate-able to their life and what they are going through then I’ve succeeded.

What Inspires You To Create The Genre Of Music That You Make?

I deal with severe anxiety and insomnia and certain days are harder than others but this music it’s just a way to express myself. I write how I feel during these times and then there’s my next single. Other artists who write about issues with anxiety and depression.. for example the song ‘Brain Stew’ by Green Day that speaks to me and makes me feel better in those times because I know someone else is feeling that and I’m gonna be okay.

Tell Us About Your Favorite Song Or Project That You made?

So far of the songs I’ve released “RUN” is my favorite original.. I have others in the vault right now and that’s where my favorite is. That song is called “So Small” and it’s going to be featuring my best friend and I so be on the lookout for that when it releases.

Who Were Some The Great Musical Talents That Inspired You To Make Music?

I could go on forever but some big ones are Green Day, Linkin Park, Nirvana, Foo Fighters. Those are just from my genre though other inspiring artists could be Bon Jovi, Rolling Stones, The Ramones, Guns N Roses. I’ll stop there ahahaha

Are You Working On Any New Projects Or Singles?

Right now I’m putting together songs for a short EP album to release later this year.

How Long Have You Been Creating Music & What Keeps You Inspired To Keep Going?

I started playing guitar about 2 years ago.. I can thank my grandfather figure Tim Collins for that, he gave me my first guitar and has been a huge supporter since he taught me basic chords day 1. And I started creating my own music just a few months ago. I’m 16 now and I’ve got a lot more to do in this world. I know I can do anything and this will happen all in time. The main thing that keeps me going is just like I said wanting to make that connection and be heard. That’s all. Thank you.

Jeffrey Bisner wants you to also beware of his new music that will be releasing soon on iTunes/Apple Music.

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