Album Review: The RUSH, Thadd Williams, and King KOKE Assembled A Magnificent Sound With "Heavy

"Heavy Is The Crown" is can easily be a unsigned album of 2018 from the lyrics, to the production and let's not forget the notable featured artist displaying their talents on this amazingly dope project.

The RUSH, Thadd Williams, and King KOKE brought this fierce unified project collaboration exhibiting their unique flows, wordplay and energy presenting how heavy the crown can be when your music is royalty.

This album offers features from Emanny, Sanura, Demi Lavoyce, and Brian Angel formerly of R&B super group Day26. The composition also offers production from V12 The Hitman, Problem, Superstar O, Tone Jonez and others.

Song #s 1-5 Break Down

- Another Check (Very catchy hook "I Need Another Check Look, You Need Another Check Book, You Need To Cut The Check Look, When You Gon Rep The Set |Ugh|... This song is very relate-able today, people want a check for their hard work you can be an entrepreneur or work a 9 to 5 job and still come in a agreement that you need your checks for your labor and time. Snapping instrumental produced by Tone Jonez , great sound but different compare to other sounds that is popularly known today.)

- Boss Life ( This track comes off as an anthem for real bosses living a boss life. Beautiful and soulful voice from Sanura delivering sweet melodies of what living a boss life means. The verses were intriguing from start to finish creating a boss feeling and environment.)

- Moon Walkers (Talented singer Emanny displays a sensational hook/verse with his voice complimenting the smooth background of the instrumental produced by Superstar O. The Trio did it again with the concept creating a high of music feeling, lyrical moon walkers.)

- Ascension ( Brian Angel featured with the trio bring Ascension which is another feel good record. Another talented notable artist bringing that real RnB feel complimenting the awesome hip hop bars. Substance and meaning stands out on this entire project and this song is a strong example of that. Production by 4klassix.)

- Missin Commas ( Missing commas is a lyrical turn up track, which the kids and grown ups should be able to enjoy at the same time. This song also gives the feel of a popular video game soundtrack single for example Gta V or a car racing game. Instrumental displays a today kind of sound but uniquely produced for lyricism, beat created by Superstar O.)

Song #s 6-10 Break Down

- Show Me You Really Down ( Awesome Distinctive sound produced by Trak Star Beats. The concept of this song reveals who is really there for you, can you really count on others, and where people loyalty lies can they show you that their really down for you like they might say they do.)

- Stage (The theme of stage brings out the elements of the entertaining and music business showing the hard work to get too fame, the phony people you might come across, the passion and the money that all comes with stardom and being a entertainer.)

- Homecoming ( V12 The Hitman came up with a nice bounce and snares on this insturmental, which Thadd Williams lyrically brings this track home with his lyrical style. He lets it be known he's next up and that whomever is a peer in this game need to watch out.)

- The Crown ( This hot lyrical track gives and late 1990s early 2000s feel from the production to the flow. Production by problem giving that raw rap energy feel and the lyric concepts of holding the crown.)

- Re-up (Produce by Cartier Jones with another bounce and percussion on this instrumental giving a G-unit, 50 cent feeling. The lyrics on the other hand is raw and aggressive displaying wise thoughts and gangster vibes.)

Songs #s 11-15 Break Down

- Levels (The trio is back to show people on this track that there are levels to this music life and that there on their way up to the next level of their career path. This hit instrumental has a turn up vibe which is produced by Murph.)

- It Is My Fault ( Inspired Minds created a peaceful sound and bounce to compliment the concept of the song. The lyrics exhibited on this track pertains substance of blame and deceit, questions of being there for somebody and people being non genuine with others.)

- Halleluyah-Gospel (The lyrics in this song gives knowledge of corruption from past to present and standing up for yourself. Cartier Jones back with another great production very cinematic with the bass and creative chorus effect. Word play is very deep and the lyrics contain a lot feelings towards the subject matter. You can feel the passion through the vocals of each artist.)

- R.N.C (The trio created their own commandments on being real, giving the listener a step by step instructions on what to do and what not do. Each one of the artist gives there own thoughts on what is real and whats not when it comes to the street. Hot production once again complementing the vibes and energy of this song.)

- King Stories (Listening to King stories give you imagery of people talking bad about the trio as they strive for greatness in their music path. The famous term he say she say is the concept and they most likely do not know the full story but share what they might think or even worse wish for their down fall.)

Songs #s 16-18 Break Down

- Motives (This song questions the motives of fake friends, girlfriends and family members. Concept of this track is watch the ones that is closes to you because not everybody wants the best for you and or even worse they might just want to use you for what you have. This song is a real life lesson that people might go through and their letting you know your not by yourself they go through similar issues,)

- Dear AmeriKKKa (This collaboration brings awareness of racial injustice in the United States of America. Cops killing unarmed black people and their real life story of police harassment. They use a witty flow to deliver awareness on racial problems in this country, which leaves you with raw images of these different scenarios. The ending of this song gives you a movie feel and chill with the police sirens, shooting and crying.)

- Outro: God Kings (The production of the beat stands out with its background bass and percussion very unique pattern presented on this track. The flows are all different and distinctive from each of the collaborated artist but still compliments the instrumental tremendously. This was the closing to the album each artist express their musically talents allude their style as God Kings.)

Overall this album was very innovated with the style, sound and lyrical stature the entire project was well structured by The RUSH, Thadd Williams, and King KOKE. The notable featured artist also came threw with their amazing and sensational vocals Emanny, Sanura, Demi Lavoyce, and Brian Angel formerly of R&B super group Day26. The production is amazing the sounds complimented each other, majority of the tracks have a cinematic vibe giving imagery to the words showing the well thought out meanings to each song V12 The Hitman, Problem, Superstar O, Tone Jonez and others. Great Album stream below now on Soundcloud "Heavy Is The Crown".

Album release date:

August 16, 2018

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