Why Screenwriting?

I was just about to go complaint with Amazon about a book I ordered and turns out it came three days ago. I just hadn’t checked my inbox. However, that’s not the point here but that the book is Into the woods a five-act journey into story by John Yorke and also happens to be the very first book about screenwriting I ever get. Which leads to the fact that the dream is already turning into reality and is getting serious and I hope you already got to sense the slight pitch of panic as you read this —no commas for a reason—.

Here’s where I tell you all the emotive story about how my mom got me by accident into writing when I was nine years old. Since then I genuinely knew that’s what I wanted and want to do the rest of my life. Wait, I just did tell you. Well, be officially welcomed. Before starting not only this post but the blog and all this new, exciting and scary journey I feel the obligation to let some facts out there:

1) In this very moment, I’m dancing Tiger Moth by Monsta X and trying to follow the Korean lyrics. Sorry for the picture. Only trying to get in the mood. 2) I’m pretty bad at puns or any kind of jokes. 3) The emotive story from before is real. 4) Some others you might get to know alongside the journey; I just like listing.

Since the beginning all I have written is kids’ tales —which I no longer know how to do— and novels but during teenage there was a moment when a version of me thought it would be cool to write a play and show it to the public at the National Theater of Dominican Republic —the most important theater here actually. Yes, a bit ambitious—. I know is not the same as a screenplay for a movie or a TV show, of course I know… since a couple of days ago —thanks Lina from the first free class—. Nevertheless, there is to say that version of the dream got buried with some others.

It was not until the beginning of this year that one of my writing teacher —one because yes, hoping to have more. John Green, J.K. Rowling that was a hint for you two— talked me into screenwriting and the fact that every idea for a book that comes to mind leads to ‘what if it gets made into a movie’ though, it just gave a vibe of reality and a million reasons to why do give it a try. As the idea was growing and growing up all the pieces spreads pretty much everywhere began to take form and shape. A big picture where writing itself evolved in more than a dream: a possible future. Of course also helped the basis of trying to fit the Pre-visualization with, well, not completely go homeless and selling flowers under a bridge, mom is already worried about what it is right now.

Note to self: do not listen to Spanish music while writing in English. The brain kind of gets mixed up.

As the months passed the dream turned into a palpable plan and that’s, one can say, how this blog was born. Telling a story carries such a magic and seeing it since a Social Communication point of view —a must do since that’s actually the major I’m trying to get first—, it has a million ways to set agreeme

nts, transmit much more than feelings but ideas, initiative and perspectives a traditional dialogue sometimes cannot. Write a book about a really important matter, let’s say War World Two or Madame Curie and yeah, the book will sell in no time but let’s face it, there is a higher percentage of students and the public in general who will first watch the movie and then read the book. Yes, it comes from the girl who wants so badly being a published author. But man, if the movie sternly respects the book’s essence, well, you would achieve a complete miracle and even or even challenge them to read the book first and then go to see the movie and complain about how much it was missing.

The way a movie or that special TV show gives you goosebumps, make you laugh or cry like a little one. Be lucky enough to be the one who writes it, it must feel amazing. Like meeting Iron-Man and going out with Spider Man. I want that feeling and also maybe date Iron man and Spider man because why not?

See when it feels like life hates you and the universe’s only purpose is to make you miserable and all of a sudden you wake up actually knowing what to do? But obviously you realize is a hell of a path, painful, sometimes even looks impossible or the stars above you don’t agree with it although deep down you know is all worth it. That’s what wanting to be an author slash screenwriter means. It’s the depth of this journey.

If you as well are struggling your way in then you came to the right place. Here you will find stories, random tips and yes a lot of posts about screenwriting too. Of course, this blog won’t be only about screenwriting. Not a chance. This blog is a journey about self-discovery where you can be the hell you want, learn a bit and laugh a bit more, not a lot whereas I’m not good with puns.

Next week we’ll talk about how to actually get to work and don’t die in the middle of. I’m almost dead and haven’t reached the middle yet but you don’t have to.

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