Producer Cruzer U. Back With A New Sound In Hiphop Called "ON" Also Featuring Oppo & AD4RMAV

Independent producer Cruzer U. is now back with a new single "On" featuring a couple of independent artist comrades that is on the come up as well Oppo and Ad4rmav. This track is interesting, it gives off an Oj Da Juice man and Gucci Mane kind of trap vibe from 2009. Cruzer does it again with his tight patterns and drums fulfilling the trap sound. Ad4rmav talking intro then his flow starts off the track vocally setting the tone for the song, using a catchy hook than his following verse delivering his part of this story how he got back on his game. Oppo, the artist on the second verse starts off a very rapid smooth flow that displayed his attachment to the beat. He also detailed how he got back on his game from downfalls.Overall this is a dope track to stream and give a chance. Currently, available on Spotify please subscibe and follow Cruzer for new single, projects, or beat productions in the near future. To keep up with more updates from Cruzer Urameshi follow his twitter & IG @Cruzer3X, SoundCloud & YouTube is Cruzer Urameshi. Contact him if you are a Singer, rapper, or musician that need beats/Instrumetals. #CruzerU #Cruzer3x #Oppo #Ad4rmAV

Stream "ON" Now on Spotify by clicking below!

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