Independent Super Producer Cruzer Releases A New Project Called "Cruzer 64" Let Us Review Together!

"Cruzer 64" can easily be one of the top independent projects that was in released 2020 from the production of the instumentals, to lyrical and swag rap from the many different artist that featured and let's not forget the cool cover art displaying Cruzer U.. Join us as we review each song and sum up "Cruzer 64" overall.

Cruzer U. and the featured independent artist Collaborated on this amazing project exhibiting the amazing beat making/production, unique flows, wordplay and energy presenting Cruzer 64.

This album offers features from Ae$, Soul, Sean Nephew, Fyf Scales, Btghost, Jertsiah,Markem_otr, Ayo Dre, J-zo, Iceboi Soorma, RayOTS, Ntron, Benny Cosmic, Lavish, Sosaboy and Oppo Sanchezz.

Song #s 1-5 Break Down

- Scarz (The Intro starts off with a very mellow tone the instrumental sets as the artist Ae$ raps with three quality styles storytelling, word play and punch lines "I'm wise beyond belief, but I'm still F'n up"... This song sets the tone for the project and it is definitely great Hip Hop. Original rap beat produced by Cruzer U., he stamps his instrumentals with the tag #CruzerCruzerCruzer. Great sound but different compare to other sounds that is popularly known today.)

-Put Em On Blast ( This track, we're more familiar with here at Imperial Gift Promotions its in Rotation here on the Site Imperial Gift Radio (click here to stream) Cruzer and The Triad Boys delivered a head banger on this track, from the beat to the flow and the cherry on top the ad-libs. "Im Bout ta Put Em on Blast" Blasting all the people who faking like they have it all but really don't. Cruzer did his thing with the instrumental the bass really made the song just right.

- Dippin' Out ( Iceboi Soorma came on the track with a bouncing follow, chorus very catchy and easy to sing along too. Cruzer switched up the style on this instrumental with a new updated trap style. "1 25 on da dash I'm dippin' out".)

- Building ( The chorus mixed with the hot west coast style beat produced by Cruzer, really blends smoothly and sounds inspired by the great Kendrick Lamar. Ntron verses were hot, which was another shocking switch up he has a up to date southern rap style.)

- Smoke ( Smoke is a turn up kind of track Featured by the artist know as Fyf Scales. This song can be a great choice to play in the car or party scenery. Alos, this track gives the feel of a popular video game soundtrack single for example Gta V or a car racing game. Instrumental displays a today kind of sound but uniquely produced for an uptempo flow, beat created by Super producer Cruzer.)

Song #s 6-10 Break Down

- Duck From That ( Awesome Auto Tune sound on another hot trap style instrumental produced by #CruzerCruzerCruzer. Featured by three artist Markem_Otr, Ayo Dre and J-Zo. The concept of this song reveals who is really there for you, can you really count on others, and where people loyalty lies can they show you that their really down for you like they might say they do. Mainly the message is he won't hide from his problems when they come.)

- Bullets (The theme of stage brings out the elements of the entertaining and music business showing the hard work to get too fame, the phony people you might come across, the passion and the money that all comes with stardom and being a entertainer.)

- Act Alright ( Cruzer came up with a nice bounce and snares on this instrumental, which RayOts gracefully brings this track home with his harmonizing style. He lets it be known he's holding in a lot of pain and anger, which he's release how he feels on this song. "I gotta act like I'm Alright, everyday I wanna fight".

- Lil Flip ( This hot track gives X-files and trap kind of vibe produce by Cruzer and featured by another artist that is also apart of our community Oppo Sanchezz. This is another track that's recommended for riding in your car or in a party scene.) "Stay Down Wit The Team, Gotta win a ship".

- Alex Russo (Produce by Cruzer coming with another West coast bounce type style on this instrumental giving a Tyga and Yg feeling. The lyrics on the other hand by Soul is raw and dope west coast flow displaying get money and girls kind of vibes.)

Songs #s 11-15 Break Down

- Grew Up To That (The trio Cruzer U, BennyCosmic, and Lavish bring a great collaboration on this track that there are levels to this music life and that there on their way up to the next level of their career path. This hit instrumental has a turn up vibe and the lyrics express the things they grew up too and it became apart of their lifestyle.)

- Light Work ( Cruzer displaying another southern cool trap sound and bounce style beat to compliment the concept of the song. The lyrics exhibited by SosaBoy on this track pertains substance of growing up not having it all but molding his self to the man he is today, making what he do now "Light Work".)

- Deadline ("Deadline" is an instrumental track with no artist of lyrics displayed. Cruzer starts off his beat with the catchy tag #CruzerCruzerCuzer he also ends the track with tag which symbols his work and grind for his music journey. Loving the snares and bounces within the beat, he's really been on fire with this style in this project. You can feel the passion through the instrumental.)

- Carmelo Anthony (Even though, the lyrics from Sean Nephew might be hard to understand if you do not speak that language, however the flow style and instrumental has great blend and results to potential hot international record. The artist expresses his words in his native language, which even though it might be hard to understand you can still feel what he says and how its being said. Hot production once again from Cruzer U. complementing the vibes and energy of this song.)

- 1000 (Listening to "1000" gives a trap west coast vibe from the beat to the word pattern. Cruzer and Btghost collaborated bringing an awesome anthem/work out track fromt the material of the lyrics and drum bass.)

Songs #s 16-17 Break Down

- Don't Do It (This song tells people don't act like something their not and just be yourself or it will be an issue. Concept of this track is basically saying do not do anything to me that I will not do to you or else it will be consequences behind those decisions. This song carries a real life lesson that people might go through and their letting you know your not by yourself they go through similar issues,)

- Fresco (Cruzer U. with a nice mellow beat sounds like a style the Legendary Snopp Dogg would make a hit. The snares hitting in the beginning of the beat sets the tempo for this dope instrumental. He uses different witty effectsto to blend within the beat, which also gives it a Knight rider theme song kind of feel. The ending of this beat gives you a chill as the instrumental start to fade out with the special effects.)

Overall this project was very innovated with the style, sound and lyrical stature the entire tape was well structured by Super Independent producer Cruzer U. and his notable featured artist also came threw with their amazing flows, lyrics and feeling within many of the songs. The production is amazing the sounds complimented each other, majority of the tracks have a uptempo vibe and bounce displaying the different imagery and scenery's of the topics presented by the words of each artist and the beat production provided by Cruzer . Great Album stream below now on all streaming platforms "Cruzer 64".

Listen To "Cruzer 64" by clicking below:


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